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  1. Hi, my name is Matthew Schmid. Hopefully I am sending this to the right person for your music.

    I am looking for artists for a project and thought I would reach out. I am working with a nonprofit that is putting together a sort of "tour" of both national and international charitable community events. We've had some success over the past few years and have sort of developed this as a blend of community action and music that is growing into something we think will make a real difference for a lot of communities we will visit.

    As an artist that has been involved in the past, I was asked, along with a few others, to look for musical acts who might want to consider if they would be interested in being part of some of these events. I think you've talked with a couple of others involved. You were on a list of artists they told me about to start with. When I saw your material, I thought I would see if you might be interested in touring or helping out with one of the events that might be in your area.

    I suppose you may be in touch with Sam, or one of the others about 2019. But I am tasked with starting the process for 2020. I know we may not know each other yet, but hopefully this might be appealing. It's a pretty diverse community effort, so there's room for all kinds of artists.

    I don’t know if you personally ever get involved with things like this, but would it be okay to send you some information about what we’re doing? It's not an offer of slot as much as some info about the project. But if you like it, we could explore getting you plugged in. Let me know if I could send that over to you to check out and see if it resonates.

    I look forward to hopefully hearing back from you.

    Thanks again.