Thursday, May 17, 2018

My Intro to the Story

Recall that I had talked about my dream and the story that came from it?
Well, this is the first song. It is a rehash of an old song I wrote back in the 90's called "Desert Presence." I changed up some chords and lyrics and have what I would call a sonic description of an impending storm. I renamed it "Desert Prescience" because the lyrics sing of sensing and shadows of forthcoming events. Enthralled? I hope so.

There must be something that keeps me facing toward the wind.
There must be something; a shape in the clouds in the sky.
I close my eyes, but continue to see
All the things, all the places, all of the times.

There must be something, a distant thundering from the edge.
There must be something; a thing that cries in the night.
I only see, but never, never have been,
What I see when I look into your eyes.

Monday, May 14, 2018

A New Chapter - First UMC Rolla

     So, I'm sitting at my desk on a regular work day, doing my "real job," and my old boss comes in to chat. He's retired from the position and is back on a consultant basis. We don't have much to chat about; we never really have done much chatting except things outside of work. That boils down to the weather, golf, mowing the lawn, etc. So we finish our chat and he turns and leaves. I turn back to my computer and he pops back in and says "Hey, they're looking for a worship leader at my church. First United Methodist. I forgot to tell you." Well, at first I was like, "Wha-a-a-t?" You almost just forgot! But then I calmed down and thanked him for the info.

Okay, I am not a story-teller.I tried, and now I quit. It's not fun for me. Sorry.

--I got the job-- 

I'm the Praise Worship Leader at the First UMC Rolla Church, leading the Contemporary Service which starts at 11AM on Sundays.

So, to wind it all up:

You know when you are walking through the right doors, because the enemy will try his hardest to botch it all up. he tried, and is failing because I am a Child of God. Nuf sed.

So, I've got my first Sunday done, and I am so happy!

More to come, I guess....if it's fun.