Thursday, July 14, 2016

Your Will Be Done

Abba Father, please watch over me...

This song was written years ago. I used to play this live with the San Diego SinnerSaved. It is going to be song three of my concept musical , somewhere after Desert Presence. It is simple and complex at the same time. And now, it is going to be recorded and added to the next compilation from Greentree Christian Church.


About a month or so ago, Nathan Hall, (our Worship Leader at Greentree) asked members of the music ministry to submit songs and song ideas for consideration to be included the album. I looked through the listing of songs I had recorded enough to be a demo, and pulled out "Your Will Be Done." My reasoning for this song is that it is different, and it is a prayer, and the arrangement is complete.

Let me set the scene for you: Reverend Philip Vessel has just walked into the sanctuary, and has found the baptismal font, the centerpiece of the apse, in ruins. The font is broken, water-less and unusable. The poor minister is distraught knowing that the font is his key to leaving this poor, hopeless and seemingly God-forsaken church. Without it, he is bound to serve, and bound to stay in this drought-stricken dust-bowl of a town. He prays...

Here I am in San Diego playing "Your Will Be Done" with Lisa Hoyman on keys, Jean Perrault on bass and Frank Merlich on drums.

This is a song about prayers being answered with "not yet" or "no." This is a song about faith and trust in an Almighty God, who is a provider and comforter in all ways and means. This is a song about obedience and submission; being microscopically less than God. As with many disappointments we experience, it sets the scene for a wonderful redemption.

All Glory to God! All Glory to Jesus!